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Optical Brightener Uvitex OB

TDS of optical brightener ob

Product name Optical brightener ob
Chemical 2,5-Thiophenediylbis(5-tert-butyl-1,3-benzoxazole)
CAS: 7128-64-5
chemical structure: C26H26N2O2S
Equivalents: Uvitex OB, Tinopal OB, FBA 184, CI 184, OBA 184
Features Brilliant bluish whitening effects;
excellent heat resistance;
high chemical stability;
good compatibility in a wide range of resin.
Specifications: Ash % 0.2max
Melting Point (DTA) 199-202℃
Appearance Slight greenish yellow powder
Odor Free of odor
Volatile Content % 0.4max
Assay % 99.0%
OB is recommended for plastic including Polyolefins, Styrenics, PVC, Adhesives, UP, PET, PC, PMMA, PA, also used for Solvent-borne inks and coatings.
Handing and Safety: FDA approved for use in polymers subject to the limitations in 21 CFR §176.170(c).
For additional handing and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.
Packing: 25kg / fiber drum with PE liner, inside lining plastic bag. 6*2 layer 12 drums per pallet, 5 CBM per ton,  or according to customers’ requirements.

COA of optical brightener ob

Items Standard Value Test Result
Appearance Light yellow powder pass
Melting point 199℃~202℃ 199.7℃
Volatile content ≦0.4% 0.18%
Ash content ≦0.2% 0.10%
Purity 99.0 % min 99.20%
particle size ≥180mesh pass



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