Optical Brightener FP-127, Uvitex FP

Chemical Name:


MW    418.53

Synonym Name:

FP-127, Fluorescent Brightener 378 (FB 378 ) , C.I.378 , Uvitex FP


Appearance: light yellow powder
Purity: ≥99%
Melting point: 219-221℃
Fineness: ≥300 meshes


>Optical brightener FP-127 is the ideal fluorescent whitener for PVC.

>Recommended concentrations: 0.05-0.5% depend on the application and degree of desired whiteness.

Handing and Safety: 

For additional handing and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


25kg per fiber drum, or according to customers’ requirements.


Uvitex FP, Optical Brightener FP-127, CAS 40470-68-6, FBA 378 tds

Uvitex FP, Optical Brightener FP-127, CAS 40470-68-6, FBA 378 MSDS

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Optical brightener for plastics, cotton, detergent, paper

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Optical Brightener For Plastics

FP-127Uvitex FP40470-68-6the best OBA for PVC products
KCBHostalux KCB5089-22-5OBA for plastics and lacquer, especial for EVA
KSBTelalux KSB7128-54-5OBA for transparent plastics, recycled PE/PP
KSNHostalux KSN5242-49-9OBA For high-temperature plastics, 100% counter
OBUvitex OB, Tinopal OB7128-64-5universal plastic OBA, also for ink, coating
OB-1Eastobrite OB-11533-45-5universal plastic OBA,  green or yellow shade
PFFBA 1351041-00-5strong red shade

Optical Brightener For Cotton

4BKFBA 11312768-91-1for cotton or with fabic blend, red or blue shade
ER-IFBA 19913001-39-3powder & liquid form, PE, PA, CA fiber, high temperature whitening
ER-IIFBA 199:113001-38-2powder & liquid form, PE, PA, CA fiber, lower temperature whitening
EBFFBA 18512224-41-8

Optical Brightener For Detergent

CBS-XTinopal CBS-X27344-41-8for detergent, soap, washing

Optical Brightener For Paper

VBLFBA 8512224-16-7for paper, also for cotton, vinylon, nylon
BBUFBA 22016470-24-9Replace VBL