Optical Whiteners is Used to Achieve Brighter & Whiter Looking on Plastics, Fiber, Coatings, Papers. Plastics OBAs Properties and Features as the table below. We make plastics Brighter and Whiter.

Product Synonyms fob price CAS Number CI number Key Features
OB Uvitex/Tinopal OB 83.5us/kg 7128-64-5 FBA 184 Universal Plastic OBA, also for ink, coating
OB-1 Eastobrite OB-1 37.1us/kg 1533-45-5 FBA 393 Universal plastic OBA
KCB Hostalux KCB 87.5us/kg 5089-22-5 FBA 367 OBA for plastics and lacquer, especial for EVA
KSB Telalux KSB 7128-54-5 FBA 390 OBA For transparent plastics, recycled PE/PP
KSN Hostalux KSN 93us/kg 5242-49-9 FBA 368 OBA For high-temperature plastics, 100% counter
FP-127 Uvitex FP 38.0us/kg 40470-68-6 FBA 387 Best OBA for PVC products
CBS-X Tinopal CBS-X 28.5us/kg 27344-41-8 FBA 351 OBA For detergent, soap, washing

Date: 19th Sep 2018